Is keeping jumping … try to jump on it.

Armoured Gardian

Don't jump on this one, over or under would be better …

GMO Potato

Bouncing with a knife … very dangerous.


Flying silently in the caves.

Deep Mole

Almost invisible … but it will spring up as you're near it.

Giant Mole

Very visible, and quite impresive.

Flying mole

Pic mole

Hammer Mole

This mole do not fall, sometimes, it throws a killing hammer.

Scout Mole

Patrolling in the corridors …

Jumping Mole


This one will bounce when you won't expect.

Armoured Mole


Running straight on, better is to dodge it.

Ninja Suit

Disguised such a way, Tux can throw shurikens !

GMO Potion

Tux's modified DNA will produce an irridiated rabbit capable of amazing double jumps !


Some more time !

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